Where are washburn mandolins made

Trying to find the best mandolin for your money? If the answer is yes, you should continue reading. In this review we discuss everything you need to know about mandolins. We also provide a top ten list of the best mandolins available. First, a quick history of the mandolin. In the United States Mandolins are known as a folk instrument. But, they actually evolved from the lute in Italy in the 17 th century. Lutes are a type of plucked, fretted string instrument. Today, the mandolin looks like a cross between a guitar and a lute.

However, their mandolins have been manufactured in China since So, these are not American-made instruments. Kentucky mandolins are known for their affordability and quality. It has an all-wood design. Plus, the instrument is hand-crafted, and shop adjusted.

So, if you are looking for a classic and beginner-friendly instrument, then the KM might be perfect for you. Ibanez Guitars has been around since But, at that time the company was a sheet music store and products distributor in Nagoya, Japan.

However, in the mids, the Japanese company began distributing their Ibanez guitars in the United States. Since that time Ibanez instruments has been one of the most famous producers of mandolins in America. It is designed to be affordable as well as professional. In fact, this instrument is so affordable, it could be included on our review of the most affordable classical guitars.

Obviously, a mandolin is not a guitar. But, this comparison just shows how well-made and cost-effective the MSBS is to mandolin players. If you want a traditional-looking mandolin, the KM is the product for you. In fact, the KM has a large oval sound hole. Therefore, it creates a mellow and low sound.Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Washburn Mandolins. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Or are they all made in China? Re: Washburn Mandolins Originally, Washburn was a line of instruments sold, and reputedly manufactured, by Lyon and Healy, the big Chicago music firm that distributed a whole range of musical merchandise.

Washburn instruments were made into the Depression, but the brand petered out, and Tonk Brothers went out of business in Next quote from the Washburn guitars Wikipedia article: In a Chicago music store owner named Rudy Schlacher began importing guitars. Music Corp.

About Washburn Guitars

So -- China. Or, if a bit earlier, possibly elsewhere in Asia. Old Washburns are USA-made, but not since the 's. The following members say thank you to allenhopkins for this post: DataNick. Re: Washburn Mandolins Hi, I have a Washburn mandolin, model M-3S serial number 12 fret at the neck A model purchased new by me about from a music store in Houston. The tailpiece cover has gone missing over the years and I would like to replace it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on finding a replacement for this part?

Washburn Guitars

Thank you, David Martin. If not that then it's a least a very big lie! They do still make mandolins. From the pics I see, it looks like a std stamped tailpiece cover. Barney: the site does say:. Re: Washburn Mandolins Jim, thanks. This is Japanese, I think, though it is not marked. I have a vague memory of peeling off a sticker. It has been in the closet most of the 35 years since I bought it. I put new strings on it yesterday and it sounds pretty good.

where are washburn mandolins made

All times are GMT The time now is pm.Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Are new Washburn mandolins good instruments? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Are new Washburn mandolins good instruments? Saw a Washburn mandolin for about at a reputable store. Washburn guitars are decent some. Has anyone heard about them?

Re: Are new Washburn mandolins good instruments? From what I understand they are pretty hit or miss. The Washburn name, like the Epiphone name, as well as some others, are a bit misleading, in my view. These are not the same instruments that were produced under those names of yesteryear. But rather the name is used while the instrument is built in China or some other country by some large company. That doesn't mean you can't find a decent mandolin by Washburn or Epiphone; it just means that you're not really getting the real thing.

When it comes to instruments like these, I say go and play them, and if you like them, and if you think the price is fair, then go for it. It really doesn't matter where it's made, only how well it turned out. My starter mando is a Washburn M1S that was made in China. To my beginner's ear it sounds great, plenty of punch over the entire spectrum and the action is very comfortable, holds its tuning to where I only touch it about once a week, no annoying buzzes or rattles and very nice finish.

I do have a few decades of guitar experience so I'm not a total acoustic noobe and certainly could tell a dud when I played one. I purchased a new Washburn MSW which is great. Lots of volume and it continues to deepen in tone as I break it in.

This is my second Washburn and I am very pleased. The finish is very light and thin similar to varnish and it sounds great up the neck. One shouldn't evaluate Washburn unless they have owned one or at least played one.

Seems silly to repeat what someone else has told you rather than to speak from firsthand experience. Hey Bob, I saw your post under the Washburn mandolin query.

Hope all is well with you. I have changed the time of my show, "Pacifically Bluegrass", to Saturday evening: pm est. Sky sky bluegrassmix. Hello Sky.Washburn Guitars is an American manufacturer and importer of guitarsmandolinsand other string instruments. The original company was established in in Chicago, Illinois. Lyon and Patrick J.

The company achieved independence byand around the company launched fully into fretted and plucked instruments guitarsmandolinsbanjosand zithers [1] under the George Washburn brand, which was Lyon's first and middle name. Tracing the history of any particular instrument of this period presents many obstacles. As well, they built instruments for other retailers and distributors under various house brandsand outsourced construction of some models.

InWashburn introduced the Lakeside Jumbo guitar, which some consider the first dreadnought-sized guitar. George Lyon retired from the company in died Patrick Healy then led the company into a period of major expansion, beginning with a larger new factory and improved mass-production techniques, and soon dominated the domestic market.

Healy died Tonk Brothers turned to manufacturer J. Stewart Company to purchase and operate the massive factory, but this transition proved problematic and Stewart went bankrupt in Regal was chosen to reopen the Washburn factory producing Regal instruments as well. Though the Washburn brand was preserved, it never regained its preeminence, and by the early s had declined to nothing. An unbroken lineage is often alluded to by Washburn International, in press releases and advertising materials, and on the company website:.

Washburn has been building stringed instruments since There is no direct connection between the original Washburn brand and the modern Washburn International. He soon realized the sales potential for lower-cost quality instruments.

Tom Beckmen and his wife Judy Fink Beckmen in left careers as music salesman and teacher respectively to launch a wholesale music business in Los Angeles, Beckmen Musical Instruments. It was Beckmen Music that resurrected the Washburn name, and beginning in applied it to a series of quality imported acoustic guitars, made in Japan by Terada, as well as a selection of mandolins and banjos. With assistance from Ikutaro Kakehashi founder of Roland CorporationSchlacher was able to find instrument factories in Japan that could meet the desired standards.

Fretted Industries acquired other lines as well, such as Oscar Schmidt autoharps. Schlacher bought out Johnstone inand changed the company name to Washburn International. A stateside manufacturing operation was opened in for higher-end, short-run, and one-off instruments, as well as development and prototyping.

That year, a Chicago Tribune article [10] confidently places Washburn "among the top three guitar manufacturers in the world," behind only Fender and Gibson. On December 15,Washburn International announced that it had completed acquisition of U. Music Corporation[11] and would be rolling its assets into that company in a reverse merger.

Schlacher announced completion of selling USM to JAM Industries on August 24,and that he would be stepping away from his company after fully four decades.

10 Mandolins - Sound Comparison - Klangvergleich von 10 Mandolinen

We are pleased to join forces with a strategic partner like Jam Industries, that has a long, successful history in the music industry and has been a long-term business partner with U. Music for more than 20 years.George Washburn begins a legacy of greatness with the first Washburn stringed instruments, bringing quality instruments priced for home musicians. InWashburn becomes the largest mandolin maker in America. In the early 20th century Washburn continues to lead with quality guitars, banjos, and mandolins.

InWashburn releases the Lakeside Jumbo, the first dreadnought guitar. InWashburn merges with Tonk Brothers and releases the Solo Deluxe, the precursor of the auditorium style guitar and one of the best-selling guitars created. The Wing series continues the Washburn standard by delivering a show quality instrument at a home artist price. For over years, Washburn has been committed to providing the highest quality instruments.

Formed in Chicago, Illinois, Washburn has been building stringed instruments since An American institution, Washburn has built guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more throughout the years. Many of the biggest names in folk, rock, and blues have played Washburn and some of the most significant trendsetting music has been played on a Washburn.

From early blues, to the inspiration behind the MTV Unplugged revival, to the modern day, Washburn has been a choice among the song-smiths of the day. It is this background that inspires us to create instruments for you and we hope you experience the exceptional value, playability and voice that is Washburn. On this Website, we encourage you to explore the Washburn line of fine instruments.

We are sure you can find a musical partner in a Washburn, be it the historically significant Lakeside and DeLuxe, the quintessential acoustic-electric Festival, the luthier inspired Comfort, or our extensive variety of Americana models.

From the first Washburn electric built ineveryone from beginners taking their first step into the bright stage lights to seasoned professionals commanding the attention of thousands of screaming fans have found a home here at Washburn. From rock, metal, country, bluegrass and jazz, there is a Washburn electric guitar that will fit you and your style perfectly and grow with you as you develop your style and technique.

The list goes on and is growing everyday. Use the serial number on your guitar to determine the year of manufacture. The serial number can be found in the sound hole of the acoustic or on the back of the headstock on electrics.

You can look up the page, and locate your model number. All of the specs and information such as materials used, list price, scale length, nut width and finish are included. Archive pages are presented in Adobe Acrobat format. Limited Edition guitars are not listed in the guitar archive. If your guitar begins withit most likely is a or model.

About Washburn Guitars.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. If you want a company with a lot of experience building mandolins, Washburn is a great choice. Washburn has been actively making mandolins sinceso there are not many companies that can claim something even close. They are actually the first to ever manufacture mandolins in America, although they now do so in China with their current models. However, the brand has since been sold to companies that import and relabel instruments from overseas.

With that said, Washburn makes a bit of a variety of levels of mandolins. Their low end instruments are not overly impressive for a company that has been in this business for so long, but their higher end models have beautiful craftsmanship at prices that are still affordable. However, they are decent instruments for the price and their F-Styles have an amazing vintage look to them. In general, it is recommended to take a new one to a professional luthier, which can usually be found at any local music store that sells them.

It has hardware and other features that have been aged to give them a worn look, which gives the entire instrument an impressive vintage design. The deep body design allows the sound to amplify and project more than other mandolins.

This model does come with a case, even though a lot of online listings for it do not include that in the description. This is also a great instrument for those with large fingers because it has the same specs as the MSWK in terms of nut width and string spacing.

A lot of people actually prefer the look of this particular model because it is a simplified design of the more expensive model above, which really lends it giving it a better vintage look for a lower price.

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where are washburn mandolins made

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where are washburn mandolins made

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